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heart thermometer

Updated: May 1, 2014

Have you been feeling mentally tired lately, such as not being able to sleep, not feeling motivated, or not being able to enjoy the things you used to enjoy?
If you feel mentally tired, why not self-check your stress level and depression level with a ``mental thermometer''?

What is a “heart thermometer”?

This is a system that allows you to easily and easily perform mental self-checks using your mobile phone or computer terminal.

  • No personally identifiable input is required.
  • There is no usage fee (however, communication charges will be borne by the user).

Choose from 7 modes

How to use

You can access it from here (external link) on your computer.
Mobile phones can be accessed from the URL: (external link) or the QR code below. (Links to an external page)

Request for use

  • If you feel unwell physically or mentally due to worries or troubles, please consult with a specialized institution as soon as possible.
  • This system assessment is not for medical diagnosis, but for self-checking of mental health and for raising interest in mental health.
  • If you continue to have concerns regardless of the results, please consult with a counseling organization as soon as possible.

Counseling agency in Inagi City

◆Consultation about consumer life
Inagi City Consumer Consultation Office Phone: 042-378-3738 (direct)
◆Legal consultation (reservation required)
◆Human rights/personal counseling (reservation required)
Inagi City Citizen Collaboration Division Citizen Life Section Telephone: 042-378-2286 (reservation only phone)
◆Consultation regarding single parents
Inagi City Social Welfare Council Home Support Section Phone: 042-378-3318
Please also see the "Single Parent Families" page .


◆Health and nutrition consultation
Inagi City Health Division (Health Center)
Telephone 042-378-3421


◆Comprehensive consultation for children and families
Inagi City Childcare Support Division (Child and Family Support Center)
Phone 042-378-6366

◆Consultation for women's concerns (Men can also consult on Wednesdays)
Inagi City Citizen Collaboration Division Gender Equality Section Telephone: 042-378-2286 (reservation only)

◆Consultation regarding the elderly
Inagi City Elderly Welfare Division Phone 042-378-2111

◆Consultation regarding disabilities
Inagi City Disability Welfare Division Phone 042-378-2111

◆Consultation regarding municipal schools (advocacy consultation room)
Inagi City Citizen Collaboration Division Citizen Life Section Telephone: 042-331-7470 (Advocacy Consultation Phone) (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon)

◆Consultation about concerns
Inagi City Social Welfare Council Phone: 042-370-2480

Please also see the "Consultation" page.

Inquiries about this page

Inagi City Welfare Department Health Division
112-1 Hyakumura, Inagi City, Tokyo (inside the Inagi Health Center)
Phone: 042-378-3421 Fax: 042-377-4944

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