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open data

What is open data

"Open data" refers to public data held by the government that is "data in a data format suitable for machine reading and that is open to the public under rules that allow secondary use."
The effective use of open data is expected to improve administrative transparency, promote public-private collaboration, and revitalize the economy through the creation of new services and businesses. Efforts are underway.

About the Open Data Catalog page

The city will open an "open data catalog page" and publish various statistical information held by the city as data that can be freely processed and edited by citizens and businesses. In the future, we will further improve the data while listening to the opinions of users.

Posting on the “Tokyo Open Data Catalog Site”

The city publishes various data held by the city on the "Tokyo Open Data Catalog Site" on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website. For details, please check the URL below.

Link to external site Opens in a new window.Tokyo open data catalog site

Precautions for use

Please read the following precautions before using the data posted on the Open Data Catalog page.

About license display

The data provided by Motoichi on the open data catalog page (hereinafter referred to as "data") is CC-BY (external link) under Creative Commons License (external link). The data can be freely processed and edited, but if you create a secondary work, please indicate that you are using the city's data on the created work.

Prohibited matter

Use of data for the following purposes is prohibited.

  • Acts that damage the human rights of others or threaten safety
  • Illegal acts and acts contrary to public order and morals


  • Although we pay close attention to the data, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the content.
  • The data is part of the information on the activities of the city and does not cover all of them. In addition, we do not guarantee the continuous provision of the currently published data.
  • Please use the data at your own risk. The city will not be held responsible for any loss that may occur to users, etc. due to the use of data.
  • All information included in the data is information at the time of posting, and the content may be changed or the posting of all data may be stopped without prior notice.

Data published outside the Open Data Catalog page

For the use of data published outside the open data catalog page, please refer to the "Concept of the homepage" on the city's homepage.

Opinions and requests regarding data to be disclosed

If you have any opinions or requests regarding the data that should be disclosed, please send them to the " E-mail Inquiry Form ". Please note that we will not respond to individual opinions and requests.

Inquiries about this page

ICT Promotion Section, Planning Department, Inagi City 2111 Higashi-Naganuma, Inagi City, Tokyo Phone: 042-378-2111 Fax: 042-377-4781

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