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Inagi City
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Please use "Tokyo Universal Design Navi"

Updated: July 29, 2021

What is Tokyo Universal Design Navi?

 This is a portal site that aggregates barrier-free information and universal design information on facilities and transportation in Tokyo.

Link to external site Opens in a new window.Tokyo Universal Design Navi

Site features

  • You can centrally view universal design information posted on various websites, such as the route without steps in the station premises and the location of multipurpose toilets.
  • You can easily search for information on the websites of facilities and businesses by means of transportation such as trains and buses, by spots such as department stores and parks, and by location.
  • Equipped with GPS, you can search for nearby facilities and universal design facilities from your current location.
  • It is a site equipped with reading aloud, changing color and font size, and ruby pretending.
  • We also update the latest information and introduce barrier-free efforts by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, municipalities, welfare community development related organizations, etc.

Inquiries about this page

Inagi City Urban Construction Department Town Development Planning Division
2111 Higashi Naganuma, Inagi City, Tokyo
Phone: 042-378-2111 Fax: 042-378-9719

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