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Agricultural experience farm

Update date: February 10, 2024

Unlike family farms, agricultural experience farms pay a usage fee and have professional farmers directly instruct them in farming. It aims at harvesting fresh and high-quality agricultural products. Please join us.


Those who can work on farming with enthusiasm (participation in families and groups is also possible)

Recruiting hands-on farms

If there is a vacant lot at each farm, we will recruit through Koho Inagi, etc., so please check the contents and apply with a government-issued postcard.
There are no experience farms currently recruiting.

Agricultural Experience Farm Overview

farm name location Cultivated items usage period

Compartment area

number of compartments

Usage fee (1 section)

Kato nursery

1463 Sakahama Vegetables (20 types)

From March 1, 2020 to January 31, 2020

about 36 square meters 27 40,000 yen

Higashi Naganuma 614, 615, 619

Takao grapes Not implemented in 2025 about 13 square meters 9 25,000 yen
Kiwi fruit joint work compartment 10 5,000 yen


  • Agricultural experience farms are not directly managed by the city. In addition, since it is not a plot rental, the garden owner will select the crops to be cultivated.
  • Seeds, seedlings, fertilizers and agricultural tools will be provided by the owner.
  • There is no parking lot.

guide map

Kato Nursery (Sakahama 1463)

Nagahikoen (Higashi Naganuma 614, 615, 619)

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