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Inagi City
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Inagi City Mail Delivery Service

Updated: February 26, 2019

"Inagi City Email Distribution Service" provides information to citizens from the following categories: "Notifications from Inagi City," "Event Cancellation Information," "Photochemical Smog Information," "Fire Information," "Other Disaster Information, etc." We will provide you with the information you want at any time. please register.

Attention: "Inagi-shi email delivery service" sends email from "". Please allow emails from this address.

How to register

If you would like to receive emails, please register from " Inagi City Email Distribution Service Registration/Change/Delete (External link) ".
Please see the PDF below for registration instructions.

Category details

When registering for the Inagi City email distribution service, you can select the type (category) of information you wish to receive. Please refer to the category details below and select the desired category.

News from Inagi City

  • Information that the city would like to share with everyone

Event cancellation information

  • City event cancellation information

Photochemical smog information

  • Information on issuance of photochemical smog advisories, etc. for the city (southern Tama)

fire information

  • Fire outbreak information: Information regarding the outbreak and extinguishment of fires in the city

Other disaster information, etc.

  • Weather information: Warnings and typhoon information that occurred in the city (Southern Tama)
  • Earthquake information: Observation information and prediction information in the city, other evacuation information
  • Civil protection information: Information on external armed attacks and large-scale terrorism
  • Regional safety information: Information related to crime occurrences received by the city from the Tama Central Police Station

Delivery history

You can view the contents of past emails sent using the Inagi City email distribution service from the following homepage (external link).

All delivery history

You can also view the mail delivery history from your mobile phone. Please use the following QR code from a mobile phone with a reading function.

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Inquiries about this page

Inagi City Planning Department Secretariat and Public Relations Division
2111 Higashi Naganuma, Inagi City, Tokyo
Phone: 042-378-2111 Fax: 042-377-4781

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